Althea's B2B Program
Wholesale Medical Supplies

Our business-to-business (B2B) program serves schools/universities, government agencies, hospitals, doctors (private practices), rehabilitation facilities, durable medical equipment stores and more.

Since Althea Medical Group manufactures majority of the products we sell, we’re able to control the cost and quality of our products, allowing us to offer high-quality products at the best possible prices.

The following list is an example of the products we offer to each type of organization:

  • Schools/Universities: exercise balls, resistance bands, ultrasound therapy, variety of bandages, braces, electrotherapy and wound care products
  • Government Agencies: resistance bands and tubing, exercise balls
  • Hospitals: tubular bandages, wound care bandages, disposable gowns, exam gloves and disposable wipes
  • Doctors (private practices): exam gloves, disposable gowns, wraps and bandages, ultrasound therapy
  • Rehabilitation Facilities: cool therapy packs, exercise balls, resistance bands and tubing, cuff weights, pedal exercisers, massage therapy
  • Durable Medical Equipment: electrotherapy, bandage wraps and tapes

Customized Products

In addition to the products listed on our website, Althea's procurement and manufacturing capacity allows us to offer new and custom-designed products to our clients. Let us know if we can work with you on a customized product by filling out the contact form.

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