• Abdominal Binder BA-040

    Abdominal Binder BA-040

    Product Code : 801-527
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    • Abdominal Binder BA-040
    • Provides excellent support and protection after abdominoplasty, liposuction or other mid-section related surgeries.
    • One brace per package.
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  • Double Pull Lumbar Support

    Double Pull Lumbar Support

    Product Code : 801-510
    Availability : In stock
    • Double Pull Lumbar Brace, Black.
    • Comfortable and versitale with flexible posterior stays.
    • One lumbar brace per bag.
    • Size chart listed below.
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  • Triple Pull Back Brace

    Triple Pull Back Brace

    Product Code : 801-550
    Availability : In stock
    • Triple Pull Elastic Lumbosacral Support
    • Customize the level of compression to your abdominal and lower back with two independent, triple-action pulls.
    • One brace per package.
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  • Inversion Belt

    Inversion Belt

    Product Code : 801-526
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    • Inversion Belt
    • Consult a licensed physician to determine if Inversion or decompression is appropriate for you.
    • The Inversion Belt is best suited for degenerative disc conditions and the maintenance of spinal disc.
    • One belt per package.

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