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Althea Medical Groups Cohesive Stretch Wraps

By | November 1, 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-3-21-46-pmAs Autumn approaches, beautiful weather draws us out of our homes to enjoy the outdoor activities we all know and love. Whether its walking, hiking, or enjoying a game of backyard football, increased activity brings on an increased risk of injury. In order to keep this from slowing us down, we must be prepared to prevent and address injuries as soon as they arise.

Althea’s Cohesive Stretch Wraps are an excellent source of support and protection against sprains, strains, and splints. All of our wraps are self-adhesive (meaning no need for additional straps or tape), making them a perfect addition to any purse, backpack, or first-aid kit.

In addition to treating minor injury, our wraps won’t loosen or slip, making them ideal for securing dressings, catheters, and warm and cool therapy products. Our latex-free design is lightweight, breathable, and ultimately very gentle on sensitive skin. Trying to wrap on the go? No worries; while always strong and secure, it tears by hand.

Althea’s Cohesive Stretch Wraps, as well as our many other products, are available both on our website and on Amazon. We offer several widths and color options, ranging from around $1 to $5 per roll. Althea squashes competitor pricing to bring you the most affordable products. Don’t believe us? Compare with 3M, Johnson & Johnson, and Andover.

Take on fall with the support and peace of mind you deserve! Browse our New Arrivals for the latest addition of products to our store.

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