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The Importance of Customer Service in the Medical Industry

By | July 26, 2016

Customer service has long been an established part of every business. Problems arise and customer service helps keep customers happy while solving their problems. Customer service in healthcare, while different, is still just as necessary as in any other industry. The top three reasons that we need customer service in the medical world are as follows:

Creating a Connection: Being a patient in a hospital can be one of the scariest times in a person’s life. Their health isn’t in a great state and they are in unfamiliar territory. Having exceptional customer service can make the patient more comfortable personally, but also in sharing critical information with the medical professionals

Patient-Centered Care: Customer service extends beyond doing what you’re supposed to do. Communicating with customers in a way that focuses on them and their needs and preferences results in higher engagement, which can lead to better patient-perceived health outcomes

Patient Education: Recent changes in healthcare have led to more and more patients thoroughly reviewing their coverage. According to Points Group, this has created a shift in how we think of healthcare: We now see it as a paid service. Because of this shift, customer service plays a vital role in whether or not patients stay with a hospital system.

For example, an affordable healthcare facility may have horrible customer service, causing the patient to go elsewhere. On the flip side, they may have found a more expensive option with top-tier customer service and choose to stay there for that reason alone.

Customer service in healthcare is very different from customer service elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean that healthcare professionals should be lax on this service. Patients need to feel comfortable with their doctors and staff, and the best way to do this is to let them know you care and to go above and beyond with effective communication.

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