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Applied Kinesiology and Elastikin Thera Tape

By | April 14, 2015

Kinesio Tape Family 2Kinesiology or Elastikin Thera Tape, which will work for you?

With the temperature on the rise, so are activity levels.  Whether it’s golf, tennis, running or swimming there are bound to be more sport related injuries over the next couple of months.  Instead of stopping what you enjoy doing, finding a way to cope with sport related injuries are not only healing, but smart.

Kinesiology, the term coined to describe human kentics, is the scientific study of human movement.  When we talk about Kinesiology and sport related injuries, we are really talking about Applied Kinesiology, which is alternative medicine that test the strength and weakness of muscles.  Kinesiologist range from chiropractors, physical therapist, physicians or nurses who can asses muscle injuries and prescribe a method on how to heal the injury.  When healing muscle related injuries a popular method is the application of Kinesiology Tape or, in Althea’s case, Elastikin Thera Tape (the generic version).  Elastikin Thera Tape has similar characteristics to Kinesiology or Kinesio Tape, as well as the function it serves.  The premise behind Kinesio Tape is to alleviate pain and facilitate lymphatic drainage by lifting the skin allowing the flow of blood to move more freely.  Which in turn, speeds up the healing process.  Science has yet to 100% prove the healing power of Kinesio Tape, but talk to the many chiropractic and physical therapy offices we sell to and their patients will tell you it works!

So instead of being bored out of your mind with a knee injury, rotator cuff injury or muscle spasms get back in the game or sport you love with Elastikin Thera Tape.  Find out how to correctly apply this tape by watching a YouTube video or by reading one of the manuals produced by Dr. Kenzo Kase.



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