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The Importance of Customer Service in the Medical Industry

By | July 26, 2016

doctor-1149149_1920Customer service has long been an established part of every business. Problems arise and customer service helps keep customers happy while solving their problems. Customer service in healthcare, while different, is still just as necessary as in any other industry. The top three reasons that we need customer service in the medical world are as follows:

Creating a Connection: Being a patient in a hospital can be one of the scariest times in a person’s life. Their health isn’t in a great state and they are in unfamiliar territory. Having exceptional customer service can make the patient more comfortable personally, but also in sharing critical information with the medical professionals

Patient-Centered Care: Customer service extends beyond doing what you’re supposed to do. Communicating with customers in a way that focuses on them and their needs and preferences results in higher engagement, which can lead to better patient-perceived health outcomes

Patient Education: Recent changes in healthcare have led to more and more patients thoroughly reviewing their coverage. According to Points Group, this has created a shift in how we think of healthcare: We now see it as a paid service. Because of this shift, customer service plays a vital role in whether or not patients stay with a hospital system.

For example, an affordable healthcare facility may have horrible customer service, causing the patient to go elsewhere. On the flip side, they may have found a more expensive option with top-tier customer service and choose to stay there for that reason alone.

Customer service in healthcare is very different from customer service elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean that healthcare professionals should be lax on this service. Patients need to feel comfortable with their doctors and staff, and the best way to do this is to let them know you care and to go above and beyond with effective communication.

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Resistance Bands & Tubes: A Simple, Yet Useful Tool

By | May 26, 2015

05 -Tension Bands for blog

Who knew, resistance bands & tubes, a small thin piece of stretchy rubber could be so effective for rehabilitation and strength training?  For under $15, one can purchase a flat resistance band or foam handle tube and do countless exercises practically anywhere.  These inexpensive bands offer a graded scale of resistance that allows the user to visually see their improvement.  Althea offers 4 different resistances by color: Canary, which is the lightest resistance followed by Rose (medium-light), Emerald (medium-heavy) and Aqua (heaviest).  Depending on the injury, a physician will recommend the appropriate resistance as well as exercise to help in the rehabilitation process.  As for strength training, the exercises are endless; from bicep curls to squats these resistance bands & tubes have your workout routine covered.

A few of our favorite exercises are listed below for a quick reference:

1. CHEST FLIES: 1.) Secure middle of band to stationary object at shoulder level.  2.) Face away from attachment in a staggered step, one leg in front of the other.  3.) Grasp bands at shoulder level with your elbows straight.  4.) Keep elbows straight and pull inward with palms inward.  5.) Slowly return and repeat.

2. TRUNK CURL-UP: 1.) Securely attach the ends of band to a stationary  object near the floor.  2.) Lie on back with knees bent, holding ends of bands in hands, arms in front and elbows straight.  3.) Keep hands close together and curl trunk upward, lifting shoulder blades from floor.  4.) Hold and slowly return.

All tubes3. HIP ADDUCTION: 1.) Attach tension band to a secure object at ankle level.  2.) Stand with involved leg toward pull.  3.) Keep knee straight, pull in, moving leg inward crossing opposite knee.  4.) Slowly return to starting position and repeat.

4. LUNGE: 1.) Stand with one foot on middle of band.  2.) Grasp ends of band and loop around hands at chest level, keeping elbows bent.  3.) Place other leg behind with knee slightly bent.  4.) Keep trunk straight and bend front knee, lowering body downward.  5.) Slowly return to upright position and repeat.

With these resistance bands and tubes being cost effective, small enough to travel with and so versatile, why would you not want to add these to your rehabilitation or strength training exercises?  For more information or to purchase these products visit our Exercise & Rehab category or by clicking on Resistance Tubes or Tension Bands product page to do so.



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Winter Fitness: Blogs to Follow for Winter Fitness Tips

By | December 24, 2013

Winter is in full-swing and that means holiday meals with family and friends. Often the holiday season can wreak havoc on your fitness plans. However, with the help of Greatist.com, we’d like to point you towards some fitness blogs that can give you helpful witness fitness tips.


Athletes, physical therapists, and nutritionists write powerful articles to advise and inspire runners. Founded by Scott, iRunner provides great down-to-earth advice on long distance running, training, physical therapy and orthopedics. Whether you’re dealing with existing upper or lower body pain or some pain on a run-up to a long distance run, iRunner can help.


If you’re looking to create a healthy lifestyle this fall, you need to plug into LIVESTRONG.com. The writers on this blog have a passion to help you live a stronger, healthier, and happier life. On LIVESTRONG, you’ll discover healthy food ideas, fitness tips, advice about treating sprains and other injuries. You’ll even find advice on properly using athletic tape. Medical experts often provide insightful articles, so you know it’s trustworthy information.

Roman Fitness Systems

John Romaniello, the founder of Roman Fitness Systems is a highly sought after physical trainer in New York City. His blog brings fun and excitement to nutrition and workout efficiency. Romaniello brings humility to fitness as he describes himself as a cross between Will Ferrell and Conan O’Brian. However, underneath the humble veneer is a trainer who has helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals and stay fit in traditional and untraditional ways.


Gina, a personal trainer and nutritionist, offers quick workouts and healthy recipes for busy people. Fitnessista is another blog that creates a playful attitude towards staying fit. Gina likes to post photos of her baby girl, furry-friend, and the everyday adventures of an ordinary fitnessista. On her blog, you’ll find daily recipes and new workout ideas.

Don’t let winter or the holiday season knock you off your fitness path. Use these fitness blogs to stay focused and motivated.

Whether you need athletic tape, or equipment for physical therapy or orthopedics, the Althea Medical Group is here to help.

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Stretches Desk Workers Should Do Everyday

By | November 27, 2013

For many people, their job involves sitting in front of a computer. Lots of sitting. But this can be a dangerous thing. In a 2010 study done by the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, mortality rates of those who spent six hours a day or more were compared to those who spent three or fewer hours sitting down. When taking into account other factors such as diet, the results were strong: a 34% higher mortality rate for women and a 17% higher rate in men.

So what can be done to try and combat these findings? The answer is simple: Exercise. Many people exercise during the evening or before work, and that is incredibly important, but sitting too long without activity still leaves people susceptible to these adverse effects. Below we’ve listed out five stretches you can do without leaving work to help break the cycle of constantly sitting.

1.    Shoulder Shrugs

One of the easiest stretches you can do, and can be one of the best for mental sanity as well. Stand up with your feet about shoulder width apart. Take a few deep breaths to help relax your body. While taking another deep breath, shrug your shoulders as high as you can, hold for 3-5 seconds and release. Repeat this five times. Next, slowly shake your head to further release the tension that might be built up. Shake up and down slowly then move to side to side. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself funny questions during the exercise, if nothing else to keep yourself relaxed and in the moment.

2.    Stretch Your Hip Flexors

This is a stretch you can do multiple times a day that can be beneficial for your entire lower body. Simply stand behind your chair (try to use a chair that is firmly on the ground), place both hands on the top of the chair and step back with your left leg. Keep your glutes tight as you start to bend down, keeping your back straight and just bending at the knee. Hold when you start to feel the stretch in the front of the left hip. Keep holding that position for 15-20 seconds before repeating on the right side.

3.    Give Yourself a Hug

This stretch helps your back and your self-esteem all at once! Stand up and take three deep breaths. Place your hands on your opposite shoulder and squeeze as you give yourself a hug. Hold your hands in place and take three more deep breaths. On each exhale, focus on the area behind your shoulder blades and releasing the tension. Feel free to repeat a few more times on an extra stressful or difficult day!

4.    Stretch to the Ceiling

Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, stretch your arms up towards the ceiling and interlock your fingers. Let your palms face towards the ceiling and slowly tilt your head to look at the ceiling as well. If you feel more comfortable, close your eyes as you start to breathe deeply. The goal of this exercise is to stretch your upper body but also to relieve tension with each time you inhale and exhale.

5.    Don’t Eat Lunch at your Desk

Less an exercise as a good rule of thumb, but try to avoid eating at your desk whenever possible. If you bring your lunch to work each day, eat in the cafeteria or in a common area if possible to have a walk before your meal. If you are eating out, try to walk whenever possible. If you absolutely have to eat at your desk, try to take a walk afterwards to give your body a little exercise and your mind a little break.

It is easy for all of us to get in a routine at work, but simple exercises like the ones above can help us break that cycle, refreshing our bodies and our minds. When you are ready to take your workplace exercises to the next level, shop our Tension Bands or swap out your office chair for one of our Stability Balls.

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Preventative Care

By | March 3, 2013


As the weather slowly begins to warm up and March Madness gets under way, the more likely you’ll see a rise in injuries. Going into the month of March Althea Medical Group’s focus is to aid in preventative care. We understand that injuries are inevitable, but we want to make it a little easier on our clients’ wallets by offering discounted pricing on all of our orthopedic braces this month. Having the proper brace or support is sometimes, half the battle. Whether your injury ranges from an ankle sprain or a strained back we have the brace and supports you are looking for. Each week this month we will highlight a particular brace or support for the ankle, knee, back and wrist.

This week we are highlighting AMG’s Ankle Brace AK-016, which is a slip on brace with laces and a figure ‘8’ support strap providing increased stability and maximum protection. This is one of our most popular braces because of its contoured design and open heel giving a snug and comfortable fit. The AK-016 model has a low profile allowing it to fit comfortably into shoes. It is made of lightweight nylon fabric and mesh for breathability and is machine washable. This brace aids in keeping the foot and ankle in a neutral position preventing and treating ankle sprains. To ensure optimum performance and support when wearing this brace, thighten the figure ‘8’ strap from a seated position with your foot on the floor.

Regardless of all your best efforts with preventative care, injuries are bound to happen, but Althea Medical Group is here to help make your recovery a little less painful.

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