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Althea Medical Group Distributes Exercise Equipment

By | August 16, 2016

Summer is full of sunshine, barbecues and exercise. We try to achieve our fitness goals through healthy eating and rigorous exercise, but doing an advanced workout can sometimes lead to injury. Althea Medical Group distributes exercise equipment to physical therapy, rehabilitation and orthopedic centers so you can have access to the best equipment while you’re recovering from your most recent injury.

We offer everything from exercise balls and foam rollers to ellipticals, treadmills and weight machines. We believe that rehab plays a major role in the recovery process. The services physical therapy, rehab and orthopedic centers offer to clients in tandem with the products Althea Medical Group distributes will only aid in your recovery.


When exercising this summer, be safe. If you do somehow find yourself with an injury, Althea Medical Group will be there with our rehabilitation products to get you back on your feet quickly!

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March: National Nutrition Month

By | March 8, 2016

March is already upon us, which can only mean one thing: National Nutrition Month is here yet again. In addition to eating right and living a healthy lifestyle, National Nutrition Month is also a great opportunity to get back on a fitness program if you’ve lapsed (or kick things up a notch if you haven’t), and guarantee a happy and healthy future. Working out is easier than ever, especially right in your very own home. Provided that you have the right equipment and accessories, you’ll find that staying fit and healthy is – dare we say it – fun and enjoyable!

Finding the Right Equipment

Many people believe that the only way to stay fit is to spend hours in the gym. Thankfully, this is false – with the right equipment, it’s a guarantee that you can find an option that fits in with your current lifestyle and allows you to stay healthy on your own terms.

Take exercise balls, for example. Full Size Exercise Balls are an inexpensive and wonderfully efficient way to perform a number of different high and low intensity exercises right in the comfort of your own home. If you’re worried about them being difficult to maintain, don’t be – not only are they durable, but keeping an Exercise Ball Hand Pump around also means that you’ll easily be able to keep it filled to your desired level based on your preferences or whichever specific technique you happen to be using.

Yoga is also a great way to work out in the comfort of your own home, but it also requires a few key pieces of equipment. Yoga mats come in varying degrees of thickness for you to choose from depending on what types of exercises you’re doing and your comfort level. Yoga blocks are also available to add additional height and support, allowing you to perform some of the more advanced poses as effectively and as safely as possible.


As you start more intense workouts, sore muscles and other issues can be natural – especially if you’re not someone who exercises very often in the first place. In those situations, pain management products like hot and cold gel packs can be a great way both to help your body’s natural healing process and make sure that none of your fitness progress is lost.

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do to stay healthy and fit during National Nutrition Month, or if you’re looking for more information about the high quality medical equipment and other supplies that we provide to the healthcare industry on a regular basis, please contact Althea Medical Group today for more information.

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Exercise Ball Chairs in Classrooms

By | February 19, 2016

exercise balls in the classroom_1Teachers are constantly trying to find ways to implement movement and retain their student’s focus, all in the hopes of creating a more effective teaching environment. Although no one’s sure when it started or who came up with the idea, using exercise ball chairs to help with this undertaking has become more and more popular.

Due to the popularity of this educational trend in the last 10 years, studies on the effectiveness are popping up everywhere. Published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, one study concluded that in the students with ADHD, sitting on therapy balls improved behavior and legible word productivity. In other words, students using exercise balls as chairs were able to focus and write more legible.

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester seconded those findings in 2007 with a study on the benefits of a chairless classroom. In the Mayo study, which focused on improving learning and reducing obesity by making children more active, researchers found that the ability to move around more while sitting made the students more attentive. Mayo Clinic’s communications consultant Bob Nellis told the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune that he believes this is because kids are able to burn off excess energy by bouncing on the exercise balls.

Studies have also shown that when a child sits on an exercise ball chair, they’re able to direct their natural kinesthetic energy and need for movement in a positive way. In addition to creating a better learning environment for the student, bouncing on a ball during class promotes muscle movement and offers the child a level of exercise. If you’re curious about the safety of the exercise balls, fear not – out of all the studies surrounding the topic, there haven’t been any reported incidents of endangerment. Swapping out chairs for exercise balls seems to be a hit with teachers and students alike!

Althea Medical group has created the anti-burst exercise ball. These exercise balls are great for strength training, improving balance and posture and decreasing pain when used daily. The proven durability and size options, makes it ideal for use in the classroom.

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Anti-Burst Exercise Ball – Most Durable on the Market

By | August 19, 2015

Here at Althea we think we have a pretty great anti-burst exercise ball.  But instead of just talking about how great and durable they are,  we wanted to prove it.  So in order to prove it, we drove a Ford F-150 truck over the ball to test its strength and to prove it is the most durable anti-burst exercise ball on the market.  Click here to watch our video Anti-Burst Exercise Ball Durability  As you can tell, this ball can hold some serious weight!  If you haven’t purchased your own exercise ball for weight and strength training do so today.  Interested in using these exercise balls as chairs in your classroom?  Visit our exercise and rehab section to purchase the quantity you need now.  You can also purchase our exercise ball kit at Costco.com or any of our exercise and rehab products on Amazon.com.


65cm Anti-Burst Exercise Ball


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Resistance Bands & Tubes: A Simple, Yet Useful Tool

By | May 26, 2015

05 -Tension Bands for blog

Who knew, resistance bands & tubes, a small thin piece of stretchy rubber could be so effective for rehabilitation and strength training?  For under $15, one can purchase a flat resistance band or foam handle tube and do countless exercises practically anywhere.  These inexpensive bands offer a graded scale of resistance that allows the user to visually see their improvement.  Althea offers 4 different resistances by color: Canary, which is the lightest resistance followed by Rose (medium-light), Emerald (medium-heavy) and Aqua (heaviest).  Depending on the injury, a physician will recommend the appropriate resistance as well as exercise to help in the rehabilitation process.  As for strength training, the exercises are endless; from bicep curls to squats these resistance bands & tubes have your workout routine covered.

A few of our favorite exercises are listed below for a quick reference:

1. CHEST FLIES: 1.) Secure middle of band to stationary object at shoulder level.  2.) Face away from attachment in a staggered step, one leg in front of the other.  3.) Grasp bands at shoulder level with your elbows straight.  4.) Keep elbows straight and pull inward with palms inward.  5.) Slowly return and repeat.

2. TRUNK CURL-UP: 1.) Securely attach the ends of band to a stationary  object near the floor.  2.) Lie on back with knees bent, holding ends of bands in hands, arms in front and elbows straight.  3.) Keep hands close together and curl trunk upward, lifting shoulder blades from floor.  4.) Hold and slowly return.

All tubes3. HIP ADDUCTION: 1.) Attach tension band to a secure object at ankle level.  2.) Stand with involved leg toward pull.  3.) Keep knee straight, pull in, moving leg inward crossing opposite knee.  4.) Slowly return to starting position and repeat.

4. LUNGE: 1.) Stand with one foot on middle of band.  2.) Grasp ends of band and loop around hands at chest level, keeping elbows bent.  3.) Place other leg behind with knee slightly bent.  4.) Keep trunk straight and bend front knee, lowering body downward.  5.) Slowly return to upright position and repeat.

With these resistance bands and tubes being cost effective, small enough to travel with and so versatile, why would you not want to add these to your rehabilitation or strength training exercises?  For more information or to purchase these products visit our Exercise & Rehab category or by clicking on Resistance Tubes or Tension Bands product page to do so.



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