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Althea Medical Group Distributes Exercise Equipment

By | August 16, 2016

Summer is full of sunshine, barbecues and exercise. We try to achieve our fitness goals through healthy eating and rigorous exercise, but doing an advanced workout can sometimes lead to injury. Althea Medical Group distributes exercise equipment to physical therapy, rehabilitation and orthopedic centers so you can have access to the best equipment while you’re recovering from your most recent injury.

We offer everything from exercise balls and foam rollers to ellipticals, treadmills and weight machines. We believe that rehab plays a major role in the recovery process. The services physical therapy, rehab and orthopedic centers offer to clients in tandem with the products Althea Medical Group distributes will only aid in your recovery.

When exercising this summer, be safe. If you do somehow find yourself with an injury, Althea Medical Group will be there with our rehabilitation products to get you back on your feet quickly!

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